Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen

A Golden Retriever became fed up of this kittens antics and decided to show him who was boss. 

Taken in Alicia Underwood’s living room, in Staffordshire, six-week-old Nibbler can be seen literally chomping away at Bear the dog as they relax on a sofa.


At first, Bear appears to be unaffected by Nibbler’s actions but soon becomes frustrated and rolls over, smothering the tiny feline beneath his golden fur.

Veterinary Nursing assistant, Alicia, said: “I’ve owned Bear since he was five weeks old and he is my world.

“Nibbler is a hand reared kitten I acquired from my father’s farm.”

Alicia said that the two animals play together all the time but this whole incident went on for about five minutes.

“When I saw what was happening, I laughed. A lot.”