Offbeat Video

By Ben Walley

This is the hilarious moment that a biker doesn’t quite make it when he lands his jump.

Andrew Bucknill, 30, sails through the air over his handlebars and slams into the ground.


Speeding along, he seems to have tipped a bit too far forwards as he comes back down onto the jump.

Andrew, an NHS Manager from London said: “I had never tried a jump that big! They are huge competition size jumps – I have since jumped the jump successfully since though.

“I tried to meet the angle of the jump but hit my front wheel and went over the handlebars – amazingly I wasn’t injured in any way.


“It was the first time attempting that jump and I wasn’t expecting to go so high- I was terrified!

“I used to ride a bit of bmx but gave up for almost a decade, I tried the olympic park mountain bike track 2 years ago and I was instantly hooked! 


“Two years later and it has taken over my life completely – I ride as often as I can, usually about two or three times a week.  I can’t imagine life without it.”