Animals Video

By Harriet Whitehead 

This is the moment a herd of cows gathered round a moo-sician as he serenaded them with his accordion.

Music student Mark Insley, 21, played a selection of melodic folk songs to the 30-strong bovine audience in Town Moor Park, Newcastle, last week. 

In the 60-second footage Mark can be seen sitting on a park bench playing his melodeon, a type of accordion, when a herd of the curious creatures saunter over and stare ‘ominously’ at him.

Mark continues to play while his friend can be heard saying ‘Mark come on, I think they’re going to charge’. 

Mark from Newcastle said: “I’d seen some videos of people playing instruments to cows and I knew they were curious about music so I thought I would try it out.

“I got my friend to record it and started playing folk songs.

“Within two or three minutes they came over and started gathering round. They were staring at me a bit ominously. 

“Two or three became a bit bold and started walking towards me and my friend was like ‘I think they’re going to charge’.

“I didn’t think they seemed aggressive, they were just so curious.

“I thought if I didn’t make any sudden movements I’d be okay. 

“I made sure I was very calm in my demeanour. I grew up in the country so I’m used to cows. When I got up to walk off they calmly walked behind us.

“I had the melodeon on my back and walked out of the park and they were following me like I was the Pied Piper.

“They just seemed interested, you wonder what’s going on in their heads.

“It’s fascinating because they probably don’t hear music so you wonder how they are responding to it.

“It’s really funny, they’re just like what’s this? They’re interested but kind of non-plussed.

“I would say there are about 30 cows there and I was playing for about five minutes – it wasn’t long at all.

“Because of the way they lined up I think that scared my friend. 

“He thought they were preparing to terminate me – like they would give each other the nod and tear me apart.”

Mark, who also plays the harmonica, harp and spoons, played them folk tunes Lucy Farr’s Barn Dance and Lollipop Man and thinks the cows may like the low frequency of the accordion. 

It’s an experiment he’s tried before having played harmonica to his dogs weimaraners Morgan and Noah. 

Mark said: “I played the harmonica to them but they hated it, it’s not a frequency they like.

“I would like to see what happens if I play to alpacas – how would they react? 

“I’m also planning to come back with my friend who plays the violin to see if the cows like that.

“I shared the video on social media and it got thousands of views. 

“It was the loveliest experience, it made me really happy.”