Animals Video

By Curtis Mitchell

This friendly whale seems like he’s in the mood for making friends when he pops his head up to say hello.

The gigantic humpback pops his head out the water just inches away from a boat full of tourists.

Maria Emmerich captured this video as she and her family sat in amazement watching the whales.

They were on a whale tour in Kihei, Hawaii when they were greeted by the welcoming cetacean.

Maria, from Wisconsin, said: “We love going on Blue Water Rafting which offer whale watching on small boats which also teach you cool facts. We always ask for Joe who is our favourite whale expert guide!

“It was a great day for whale watching! Everywhere we looked there were whales – we probably saw 30 whales up close!

“My heart was filled with joy that it was my little boy who was able to experience such a wonderful moment with wildlife – we talk about that special day often.”