Life Video

By Ben Walley 

A boy was able to see in colour for the first time thanks to a special birthday gift from his parents. 

Back in November last year, Nichole Viau and her partner Mike Arciba found out that their son, Zaiden, was colourblind but wanted to surprise him with a pair of Enchroma glasses. 


The glasses allow people to see in colour and were given to Zaiden on his birthday after his parents decorated their home, in Woodsboro, Texas, with bright coloured ribbons and balloons, back in April, this year. 

Stay at home mum, Nichole Viau, said: “We found out Zaiden was colourblind after a routine eye appointment. 

“We planned on getting the glasses the day we found out but finally about six months later, his dad and I ordered them. 


“Zaiden had an idea we were getting them, he just didn’t know when. I couldn’t wait to give them to him. 

“He was very happy he got them and putting them on for the first time was a life-changing experience for him. 

“He finally got to see the world the way we do and he was in shock. Seeing all the colors pop out and seeing how beautiful the world is that we live in was a blessing for him.

“He is really excited to take them on our trip to Disney World next month.”