By Luke Kenton

Prince’s smash hit song, ‘Purple Rain’, turns out not to be totally inaccurate after all, as one photographer captured a stunning weather phenomenon on camera, showing a cascade of water falling from the sky in a shade of purple.

As the sun began to dip behind the mountains in Blue Ridge Parkway, Ashville, North Carolina, a series of chance weather factors aligned to give birth to a stunning phenomenon – resulting in a view fit only for a king…or Prince.


With the light dimming and storm clouds moving in over a canvased sky of pink and orange, on May 12, photographer of 10 years, Joshua Moore, was driving through the area as “purple rain” seemed to begin suddenly falling from the sky.

With the purple hue being caused by a combination of the positioning of the sun, storm clouds and colour of the sky, Josh slammed on the breaks of his car to capture the stunning “once-in-a-lifetime” sight on film.

Josh, 32, who is also a voluntary photographer for the National Park Service, said: “I was driving to higher ground in the hope of capturing a sunset.


“As the sun went behind the mountains, the storm clouds began moving in.

The sky was turning a very nice pink colour, so I continued driving in the car hoping to find an open vantage point to shoot from.

“All of a sudden my wife said, ‘Look at that rain, it looks purple’ – I slammed on the brakes and pulled over to capture it.

“It was so surprising to see, I can’t say I’ve ever seen anything like it before.

“This is one of my favourite ever photoshoots, that’s for sure.”

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