Life Video

By Janet Tappin Coelho

Shocking footage of a man with a machete embedded in his head in Brazil shows the victim walking around as normal before sitting on a hospital bed. 

Convicted armed robber, Pedro Ferreira, 34, incredibly survived his gruesome ordeal and calmly explained how he got stabbed.

He suffered no long-term complications after surgeons at Restoration Hospital in Recife removed the knife during a delicate five-hour operation. 

Pics by Focus on News / Caters News

He was transferred from the city hospital to a prison ward where his health remained stable. He has since been discharged and returned to his cell.

The criminal, who was jailed in 2004, was involved in a fight last month with another inmate at the Professor Barreto Campelo high security prison on Itamaracá Island, a metropolitan region in the north east city. 

Although he identified his attacker as 27 year old Antonio da Silva, Ferreira refused to disclose the reason behind the assault. 

He said to police: “I was told to go to Antonio’s cell by another inmate. When I got there, I was stabbed in the head with the knife.”

A grim image shows the weapon plunged into the right side of his skull inches away from his temple and eye socket. 

The blade which is almost at a right angle to his head, slices through a black trilby which has been pulled further up the knife to reveal the sickening injury.

Blood dripping down the side of his face has already soaked the front of his t-shirt and smeared his flip flops and feet.

Pics by Focus on News / Caters News

A clip shows the moment the prisoner, who was escorted by military police officers to hospital, climbs into the back of a police wagon only to realise he is in more danger of aggravating the wound if he travels in the boot.

At first the officer instructs the injured prisoner to lower his head as he gets in, but when the machete’s handle threatens to hit the inside of the roof it’s clear further damage needs to be avoided so he survives the journey for medical care.

Doctors expressed astonishment that the patient was conscious, capable of responding lucidly to questions, able to move around and to walk.

While sitting on a hospital bed, an officer is heard asking the wounded convict who inflicted the injury. 

Without hesitation, the victim responds with a brief explanation of how he was lured to his assailants cell then attacked.

Doctors wrapped his head in bandages to secure and stabilise the implement sticking out of his skull and attached him to monitors to track his vital signs.

The victim, who arrived in accident and emergency in the afternoon of April 26, was taken into surgery around 3pm.

Doctors have since reported that the wound has healed and there are no concerns about his health.

An investigation was launched to discover the motive behind the attack and to scrutinise the shortfalls and gaps in security which allowed the knife to be smuggled into the prison.