Video Viral

By Helen Le Caplain

This corgi really regretted his decision to roll in a dead bird after he was wheeled around his owner’s workplace in a ‘chariot of shame’ mop bucket wearing a ‘time-out’ hat.

Shame-faced Bunker was bundled into the bucket and given an impromptu bath after he dashed outside the store, rolled in the rotting carcass and cheekily strutted back inside last Saturday.

Exasperated owner Nicaela Weigel, 24, frogmarched the foul-smelling pooch into the bathroom, washed him in a bucket and wheeled him out in front of giggling employees to shame him into not doing it again.

Sales assistant Nicaela from Vancouver, Canada, said: “Bunker works at the furniture store where me and my boyfriend work greeting customers.

“Whenever he barks excessively or is being a corgi and rubbing himself in dead animals or gross things like worms I bring out the ‘time-out’ hat.

“He doesn’t like things on his head so when it goes on him he instantly freezes and looks very guilty.


 “The first time he wore it was last year when he barked at a customer. He didn’t like it at all and looked very angry – he was giving me major side eye.

“This time he decided to roll in a puddle in front of the store which had half a dead bird in it. He knew he was in trouble but looked quite pleased with himself.

“I can’t describe the stench, the smell was so bad. I put him in the bucket at work as the sink wasn’t big enough to rinse him off in.

“He was silent and looked quite guilty as I wheeled him round the showroom for a little walk of shame, it was very Game of Thrones-esque.”

Nicaela made the ‘time-out’ hat out of a used takeaway coffee cup and elastic bands which form a little chinstrap to keep the headgear in place.

The 18-month-old corgi, who usually sits inside the furniture store or wanders in an enclosed space outside, is fascinating by a smelly puddle just outside the shop.

Staff members usually park over the offending pool to block the inquisitive pooch from rolling in it, however someone moved their vehicle for a few minutes giving Bunker his chance to dive in and roll in the filth.


Nicaela said: “He’s a really good dog but there’s a puddle in the front of the store which has half a dead bird in it. 

“Usually someone parks their car over it so he can’t get at the puddle but the driver moved their car for a few minutes.

“It was then he saw his chance to have a roll in it and rub up against the dead bird.

“When he came back into the store he was looking quite pleased with himself but then looked at me and Neil and knew he was in trouble. 

“The smell was so bad I took him straight through to the bathroom to try and rinse him off.

“I took the squeezy mop out of the bucket and put him in it filling it with water using the hose attachment.

“He made little whimpering sounds and had his paws splayed out like a starfish as he doesn’t really like to have a bath.


“He doesn’t have a tail, he has a little corgi butt, so you can tell how he’s feeling by looking at his ears. 

“If his ears are sideways, doing a Yoda, he’s not a happy bunny but if his ears are perked up he’s happy. In the video you can see his ears are to the side, so you know he’s less than impressed.

“After I wheeled him round I lifted him out of the bucket and he hid under a lounger for half an hour staring at me while I sat at my desk.

“I’ve taken him out for walks since the incident where he’s sniffed other dead birds, I’ve sternly said ‘no’ and he’s left it alone so hopefully he’s learned his lesson.”

Dog lover Nicaela said that Bunker is generally a very well behaved dog and usually the mere threat of the ‘time-out’ hat is enough to keep him in check.

Nicaela said: “The first time he wore the hat he wasn’t impressed but soon learned to stop barking so much at the customer.

“Now when he’s being a bit naughty and I go near the hat perched on my desk he looks at me and shies away.

“Bunker is such a sassy character and I love that about him.

“I love that he’s very fussy and can always tell what he’s thinking just by looking at his eyes and ears. 

“If he’s mad at me and my boyfriend Neil [Hailey] he’ll sit at the other side of the room and glare at us.

“Despite his imperfections he’s a great addition to our family and we love him lots.”