Amazing Video

By Ben Walley

This is not for the faint-hearted as these men slide off a bridge and base jump into the unknown.

Lane Paquin, 28, a professional skydiver, obviously does not have a fear of heights as he captures himself jumping off the bridge in February,this year, in Millau, France.

Lane said: “For this kind of jump, quite a bit of planning is needed.

“There needs to be a getaway driver who will drop the group off the bridge and drive back at the pickup point.

“The group then needs to exit the car quickly, hop the guardrail and jump.

Pic by Caters News

“It was my idea to send if off that bridge, it is somewhat famous for base jumping.”

Lane has jumped from different bridges before but had caused a commotion when people think the adrenaline junkie is trying to take his own life.

He said:“No cars shouted at us during this jump but on other bridges, I’ve had people yell ‘don’t do it’ or ‘you have so much to live for’.

“This jump was special because it was the first base jump in which I was able to just slide off into the void.

“Most jumps have a sketchy exit point in which you have to run off or leap from. There is always a chance you could misstep or slip.