Offbeat Video

By Curtis Mitchell

This is the bizarre moment a Twitch gamer falls over during a game of ping pong and his virtual opponent appears to check up on him.

As Charlie John – known as ragethevrgamer – hosted a livestream at home on May 8, his opposition served over the floating net.

Reaching forward to attempt to return the shot, the 34-year-old stumbled over his own feet and landed on the floor.

While Charlie laughed at his own misfortune, his E-enemy walks around the table, puts down his bat and bends down like he’s asking him if he’s ok.

Charlie said: “My friends and mum have all laughed at the video.

“VR is the best thing in gaming right now.

“It truly is another reality and like another world.

“At first it can be a bit disorientating, but your tolerance builds up pretty quickly.

“Mixed reality is the only true way of conveying to the public what it’s like to be in a virtual world.

“Something relatable like ping pong really helps to bring people in.”