Animals Video

By Ellie Duncombe

A hilarious clip of an unlucky Shih Tzu going flying after being accidentally hit by a recliner sofa has had more than 1.2MILLION views in two days.

While Julie Santos did homework in San Antonio, Texas, USA, her feisty puppy Star was running around at her feet.

After leaning back on the sofa, the footstool under her legs became stuck and wouldn’t move.

Following a minor adjustment, the recliner came free just as the four-month-old pooch walked in front, catapulting her across the room.

Julie said: “The recliner got stuck and as soon as I leaned back, it hit Star.

“She went flying but fortunately there were no injuries.

“Thing like this happen a lot. 

“She runs into mirrors and dances to Mexican music. 

“All in all, she’s a happy and healthy puppy.”