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By Janet Tappin Coelho in Brazil

This is the heart-stopping moment a passenger suffers critical injuries as he is catapulted through the window of a somersaulting car after the driver loses control of the suspected stolen vehicle during a high-speed police chase.

The incredible images, caught on security cameras monitoring a suburban road in Ponta Grossa, south Brazil, show the out-of-control car skidding side on down the road then flipping over several times before smashing into a pole which brings it to a sudden halt.

As the car overturns, the 27 year old suspect is ejected through the side window and flies through the air, like a rag doll, over houses, plunging into a tree and crashing down onto the roof of a neighbouring residence before landing on the ground.

Pics by Focus on News / Caters News

The injured man, who has not been named, is in intensive care in Bom Jesus Hospital suffering from multiple fractures and severe internal injuries.

The 20 year old motorist, who cops said was not licensed to drive, walked practically unscathed from the wreck and was arrested at the scene shortly after receiving medical attention.

The incident, which happened on Monday (21) morning just before 11am, started when military police, patrolling the area, identified the Volkswagen Spacefox as a suspected stolen vehicle. The number plates were allegedly false, and the vehicle was logged as one that had been robbed last December in Curitiba, a city some 70 miles away.

Despite being ordered to stop, the driver sped off at high speed with the police in hot pursuit. The chase, which lasted for nearly a mile, only ended when the suspect dramatically lost control.

Under arrest, the motorist claimed not to have known the car had been stolen and protested he had ‘bought it over the internet’.

He was seen clambering out of the upturned car wreck and stumbling around in a daze, scratching his head as he searched for his companion.

Pics by Focus on News / Caters News

Locals ran out of their houses at the sound of the collision to witness the aftermath of the accident and looked on in amazement. Two cops on motorbikes arrived on the scene seconds later.

A Parana military police spokesperson told (FocusOn News): “Officers were routinely patrolling the area when their suspicions were raised by irregular license plates from Sao Paulo that didn’t match the vehicle’s make and registered city.

“The agents flagged down the car, but it failed to stop and drove off at high speed. Officers gave chase and caught up with the suspects in a residential road after they crashed the car.

“The passenger was thrown out of the vehicle during the accident and suffered severe injuries. He remains in intensive care. He was found lying wounded in the garden of a house near where the vehicle came to rest.

Pics by Focus on News / Caters News

“The driver was able to walk away from the crash and had suffered minor scratches to his face and arms. He was taken into custody once he received medical attention.”

Investigators said one of the suspects has been charged with driving without a license, without documents for the car, dangerous driving and disobeying police orders.