Animals Video

By Taniya Dutta

This is the heartwarming moment good samaritans saved the life of an abandoned dog trapped in a barrel of tar for two days. 

The four-year-old female dog was found by a watchful student Shreejit crying as it was stuck in the pool of tar inside the barrel in Poojapura locality of Trivandrum city in Kerala in southern India. 

With the help of his friends, Shreejit cut the barrel into two parts using metal cutter and informed local NGOs for help. 


People for Animals sprang into action and within two hours of relentless efforts, managed to remove the dog from the barrel. 

The pooch was then taken to the NGO’s shelter where volunteers spent five hours carefully removing the tar from the dog’s body using vegetable oil. 

Shreejit said: “On Sunday morning I heard the sound of a dog crying. I looked for it everywhere but could not find it. Then I found this barrel and was shocked to see the dog stuck inside it. it was glued to the tar.

“It was a shocking scene. The dog couldn’t even move. I immediately contacted police and other agencies and a news channel to get information about the people or an NGO who can rescue helpless dog.”

The dog is believed to have been abandoned as it was found with a collar and suspected to have fallen into the barrel while hiding from other dogs during a fight.

The volunteers from People for Animals said the dog although nervous was friendly and responded to their commands helping them speeding the rescue work. 

Maria Jacob, the member of the trust board of the NGO said: “It was really a Herculean mission. Tar is very difficult to remove. 


“We have to take a lot of precautions in such rescues. We need to protect the animal at the same time we need to complete this process fast because any delay may cause more damage to the animal skin.

“Initially the dog was nervous and wasn’t cooperating with the team but soon it started responding and became friendly. 

“Its body was covered in 50% of the sticky tar.” 


“We reached the spot at 12:00 noon and around 1:45 pm we succeed in taking the dog out of the barrel. Our volunteers then worked for five hours on regular intervals to remove the tar from body, tail, legs and abdominal part. 

“Still belly and under tail area is to be cleaned. Hopefully it will be cleaned in a day or two.”

The dog’s condition is said to be improving and although it has lost its appetite, probably due to all the smell of tar on its body, Maria said the dog is very friendly and enjoying with other rescued animals. 


“She is a wonderful dog and very friendly. Once we manage to clean her up and make her comfortable we will put her up for adoption. 

“She seems to have lived with humans and we cannot just sterile her and leave her on road again. We are hopeful of her rehabilitation.” 

After this incident the NGO has written to the state government to either remove tar barrels from the roadside or put them in a way that it do not become the death trap for animals.

“When irresponsible workers from the Public Works Department (PWD) leave work equipment dumped on roadsides, it causes unimaginable stress and hardship to both humans and animals. 

“Most often pavement slabs are left open causing accidentally falls. In this case an open barrel of tar left carelessly behind has caused so much of stress and agony to the dog,” Ms Jacob added.