By Aliki Kraterou

A group of very sleepy rhinos were caught catching up on some sleep in the evening sunlight.

*MAyesha Cantor/Caters News 

White rhinos are very rarely seen in big groups, including a mum and young calf, and can be seen basking at the Kragga Kamma Game Park, in Botswana.

Ayesha Cantor, 50, from Port Elizabeth, South Africa, owns and operates the park and captured the scene while visiting.

Ayesha Cantor/Caters News –

She said: “Our own rhino are dehorned in an attempt to safeguard them and it’s an ever-growing trend as over a thousand rhino a year are being poached in southern Africa.

“It’s increasingly a seldom seen sight to see Rhinos with their horns still intact.

Ayesha Cantor/Caters News –

Rhino with such big horns are usually very well-known and protected against poaching.

“Unforgettable, a sight we will treasure forever.”