Offbeat Video

By Bethany Gleave

A stunned driver came inches away from a devastating collision with a young boy who sprinted right out in front of him.

Only Adrian Rogers’ lightning reactions saved the shocked child after he charged out from behind cars in a traffic jam while excitedly crossing the road with his parents.

Adrian, 63, managed to slam on his brakes and swerve to the left to avoid the boy, who threw his hands over his head as he realised a car was coming.

Fortunately for the lad Adrian’s actions saved him from being hit, and his grateful mother was able to scoop him up and thank Adrian for his quick reflexes.

The grandad of five was driving to visit his family in Bristol on May 11 and caught the dramatic scene on his dashcam.

He is now sharing the footage in the hope other drivers will be aware of potential risks on the road and remind parents to hold their children’s hands when crossing.

Adrian, who lives in Sunderland, said: “I’ve been driving for 45 years. I’ve done a few miles but that was the closest I have ever been to hitting a pedestrian.

“If I had braked any harder my foot would’ve gone through the floor. You can hear it in the video.

“I just want parents to make sure they have a tight grip of their kids’ hands and that drivers are aware of what is going on in front of them at all times.

“Accidents can happen in the blink of any eye so it is extremely important to be aware.

“Some drivers who have seen the video have said that if it was them they wouldn’t have stopped on time. They’ve all been praising my quick reactions.

“Drivers have so many distractions like the sat nav and radios. Footage like this shows why you always need to have your eyes on the road.

“I saw the fella as he was quite tall. I was about two car lengths away when I spotted the lady with the pushchair.

“I think the boy must have been a little bit behind them and has ran to catch up but not stopped running.

“When I saw the boy run out I just braked as hard as I could and hoped that I had stopped in time.

“I wasn’t sure if I had hit him. I heard a bang and I thought it could’ve been him, but I think it was the impact of my foot on the brake.

“If you watch the dashcam back in slow motion you see him put his hands up to protect himself.

“If I had hit him he would’ve been wrapped around the front wheel.

“I was quite shaken up afterwards but I was relieved more than anything. If my reactions had been just a split-second slower I would’ve hit the boy.”

Bus driver Adrian explained that there aren’t many crossings on the stretch of road but guessed that the family used that section as a crossing as there is a concrete central reservation.

He was driving down a bus lane, which was available for cars to use at 7:20pm, when the incident occurred.

Adrian said: “There are crossings on that road but not that close to where the family were crossing.

“I think that because that section of road is separated by a concrete reservation to keep the cars apart they used that as a middle point.

“I was in the bus lane which was open to normal cars at that time, but it is really hard to see pedestrians if they are crossing in between stationary cars.

“My camera actually had a better view than I did, thankfully the woman with him was very apologetic but he did get told off.

“I don’t think he will be doing it again.”