Life Video


By Bilal Kuchay

The horrifying moment an Indian teen electrocuted himself while climbing up an electricity pylon was caught on camera.

The man identified only as Sunny, 19, from Punjab, had climbed to the top of the electric pylon while protesting an anti-encroachment drive by the local municipality committee.

He had threatened the officials that he would touch the high-tension cable if they didn’t stop the drive.

While people were still trying to convince him to come down, the youth lost his balance and came into contact with high-tension electric cables, suffering an electric shock and then bursting into flames. 

Visuals show him holding a heavy stick in his hand while sitting on a metal base fitted between two light posts of a transformer.

A huge crowd is watching him, with many recording the incident in their smartphones.

He can be seen smashing mirror of a nearby building with his stick.

The footage shows scores of people rushing to his aid before being immediately rushed to the hospital in a critical condition.