Offbeat Video

By David Aspinall

An ultralight pilot who hadn’t flown in six months crashed into a snow drift moments after take-off.

John Fink took his former navy pilot dad Sig to Bradley Sky Ranch, Alaska, USA, on April 7 so he could take to the skies again.

Having turned a corner on the runway, the octogenarian sped up, only to be caught in a crosswind as soon as he left the ground.

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Veering off to the right, Sig plummets to the floor and fortunately skids off into a pile of fresh powder causing the aircraft to flip over on its nose.

John said: “Fortunately, Sig walked away with just a bruised right ankle. 

“I was initially scared until I found he was okay, then afterwards, I was sad that my trike was damaged.

“What happened next was a slight crosswind breeze from the right caused the trike wing to weathervane to the right. 

“Sig became airborne while angling to the right so felt his only option was to slam into a snow berm to avoid going into someone’s yard.”

After the trike crashed, it bent the U attachment where the wing attaches and forced the prop into the edge of the wing, loosening the ski attachment.

Sig, who had 1000 carrier landings during the 1960s and 70s, has been flying gliders since he and John bought their first one in 1979.