Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen

This dog loves getting attention and is even dressed up as a unicorn by her owner. 

Michelle Alexopoulos is Mindy’s human and she dresses her up every weekend at her home, in Victoria, Melbourne.

The video was shot during the Easter break and shows four-year-old Samoyed dog, Mindy, wearing unicorn slippers along with a matching headband. 

Michelle said that dressing up Mindy brings her ‘lots of smiling and laughter’. 

“Mindy went viral wearing eyelashes on her eyebrows before but she also loves dressing up, She will wear them for hours. 

“She can do everything, we even have a video of her cooking risotto, driving a kids bulldozer and djing at a party.

“She loved being a unicorn though plus she gets a bit treat for all her poses.”