By Jamie Smith

These incredible images reveal the wonders of the ocean open to divers.

With beautiful schools of fish and long lost shipwrecks, these photos show the ocean from the unique perspective of a freediver.

Pic by Alex Voyer/Caters News

The photos were captured by Alex Voyer, a underwater photographer, who has been sailing the Caribbean for the past three months.

Alex said: “I work photographing underwater life and water-people in the ocean.

Pic by Alex Voyer/Caters News 

“The photos were taken last months in the Caribbean when I met incredible free divers; many of the shoots are also my girlfriend around our sailing boat called Diatomée.

“My images show people freediving underwater, feeling free as the water, no tank, no bubble, no noise.

Pic by Alex Voyer/Caters News 

“You can see people in harmony in their element which is water, the light is always changing because of the direction of the sun, the quality of water, each second in the water, even in one meter deep is a new experience.

Pic by Alex Voyer/Caters News

“While taking pictures I just feel in harmony with the oceans, nothing difficult, just swimming with to without any fin, between the surface and 20 meters deep is the most joyful thing I ever did.

“Feeling so free, so lonely, feeling each sensation very strongly is like a superpower!”