Animals Video

By Sophie Norris

This crafty mother was not about to become a sitting duck for traffic, instead leading her 11 ducklings over a zebra crossing in front of stunned onlookers.

The cute flock was spotted by accounting student Kenny Pang, 20, as they waddled past students and over the crossing at Lancaster University campus on Friday afternoon.

The confident newborns followed their mum obediently as people laughed and smiled at the adorable display.


Kenny from Doncaster, South Yorkshire, said: “It was super cute to watch them take the zebra crossing like humans would. I couldn’t believe it so knew I had to film it.

“They were so tiny, I would say only a few days old, but they knew exactly what to do.

“None of them tried to run off and they stayed in single file as they crossed the crossing.

“It was like they knew that’s how you’re supposed to cross the road. I’m sure they don’t, but maybe the black and white line attracted them, who knows?”

Kenny and other students were rushing from lectures to grab food from the nearby shops at midday when the family of ducks made their crossing.

Among the hustle and bustle, some people didn’t even noticed the rare display.


Kenny said: “I think us humans could learn about road safety from them – no-one else seemed to be taking notice of the crossing.

“It was right in the middle of campus at lunchtime so quite busy, but they didn’t seem fazed at all.

“I spotted the ducks splashing around before waddling across the road.

“I didn’t expect them to look so comfortable, they just walked through the main square that has some shops in it.

“Some people were just walking past and too busy to notice but others stopped in their tracks and stared at them in disbelief I think.

“There’s a lot of wildlife on campus, although we mainly see ducks around. There seems to be an abundance of ducks everywhere you go.

“Just yesterday I watched some ducks hatch from their eggs on campus too.”