Video Viral

By Katy Gill

A bizarre video blogger has taste-tested the strength of security at the Mexican border wall by getting past patrol security and licking it.

‘The Licking Guy’, 44, a YouTube blogger known for testing social boundaries by licking things starts a new debate on whether the border between America and Mexico is strong enough – getting past patrol officers and running his tongue up the concrete divide.

Wearing a balaclava to remain anonymous, he evades road barriers and patrol officers, who he claims were sleeping in their vans whilst on shift, successfully managing to travel up to a quarter of a mile up the road to access the wall separating the two nations.


President Trump’s border security and immigration doubts during the 2016 presidential campaign inspired the producer’s new video filmed on April 16 at Calexico, California, USA – with him wanting to find out for himself how loosely patrolled the borders are.

The Licking Guy said: “The wall wasn’t much taller than a back yard fence, it was around ten feet high if that.

“It tasted old and stale – just like our security.

“I believe we definitely need tighten up on security, I drove straight past multiple border patrol vehicles and was still able to make it to the wall to lick it.” 

The third generation Italian immigrant believes anyone is welcome to live in the USA as long as they are legally processed into the country.

He maintains that the diluted security at the border prevents America from receiving the amount of protection necessary along the 1,933 mile long divide.

Being pulled over by border patrol police shortly after completing the taste test, the vlogger was ‘politely and respectfully’ asked to drive away and leave. 

The producer added: “As far as I’m aware, I’m the first person to ever lick the Mexico wall.


“I believe the law states an individual should be arrested if they get closer than 3ft from the border wall itself. 

“I spoke with an American border patrol officer, who seemed native to Mexico, he was very polite and and simply asked me to be on my way.”

Since uploading the social experiment video online, the blogger has started a new topic of conversation with his subscribers, receiving an outpour of responses – mostly all agreeing that the strength of the border is loosening.

In the past been known to lick the highly classified air force base, Area 51, a moving train and a homeless man.

The blogger states: “The homeless man tasted greasy and dirty.”