Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen

This crafty snake was spotted hiding amongst a selection of belts on a bedroom floor.

Though at first it was mistaken for a belt, the sneaky reptile’s bid to camouflage itself wasn’t successful and he soon discovered.

Tony Morrison, an Australian snake catcher, was soon called and retrieved the beast.

Tony, from Victoria Point in Queensland, said:“This one was not dangerous, but I filmed it as it was not the usual colour of this species of snake.

“The lady who called me thought it was a belt, but then it moved and then she knew it was a snake and called me.

“I caught it with my hand as I am a professional snake catcher and know what I am doing.

“It was a good healthy size for this species

“The owners of the house said it was bigger than they thought it was.

“They were very surprised, but the lady was very happy that she kept an eye on it and told me where it was when I arrived.

“This is pretty much a normal day in Australia.”