Amazing Video

By Ben Walley

You’re along for the thrill as you watch this incredible footage, shot from the point of view of a thrill seeking base-jumper.

The video shows a professional skydiver as he plummets across beautiful landscapes of glaciers and mountains.

Carlos Pedro Briceno captured the brilliant scenes as he shot over Glacier, Aiguille Du Midi in the French Alps.

Pic from Carlos Pedro Briceno / Caters News-

The 44-year-old thrill seeker has been skydiving for over 19 years and has done over 9,000 skydives and over 800 base jumps.

Carlos, from Deland, Florida, said:“Ever since I was a child I have always dream about flying – I have been skydiving for 19 years.

“There is no better feeling than flying your body like a bird. When you do it, you are 100% present; there are no other thoughts in your mind.

“Flying through the Glacier, Aiguille Du Midi Sessions. I had the opportunity to jump from Aiguille Du Midi exit point in France, where I was able to discover and enjoy four intense proximity lines. 

“These included: Trent’s Line aka The Old Man, Glacier Bossons, The Ridge line and Cheese Grater – they are 4 of the hardest and exhilarating lines ever.  

“The scenery is so beautiful as well which it makes it even better – it was simply breath-taking.

Pic from Carlos Pedro Briceno / Caters News

“I have also flown past an active volcano in Chile, a restaurant in Chamonix on the Aiguille Du Midi side as well as canyons, trees and rocks.

“What is crazy about this jump is that you go all the way up using a cable car, and the exit point is always packed by so many tourists – you have all their eyes watching you jumping off. 

“These are basically the dream lines of wingsuit flying. Aside from the intensity of the lines and its beauty. this video is very special to me as it was filmed by one of my good friends that is no longer with us, my friend Dario Zanon. 

“He died the following year in that spot next to the Glacier.”