Animals Video

By Ellie Duncombe

A nimble cat has become a viral star as she scales climbing walls in leaps and bounds.

Potentially in training to climb Mount E-fur-est, Lala the mobile moggy loves bouldering at the Boulbaka2 gym in Okinawa, Japan.


After being rescued by owner Mitsuru Goan in October 2016, the two-year-old flexible feline quickly began leaping from the hand placings, quickly bounding to the top.

Showing off a cat’s famous balance and jumping ability, Lal manages to reach the wall’s four-metre-high summit much quicker than a human.

Mitsuru said: “I first noticed Lala’s skill when she jumped from a ladder to the wall while renovation was being done.


“I never taught Lala how to climb the wall, so she must have learned by watching people climbing the wall every day.

“She used to climb all the time, but after we moved gyms it hasn’t been as regular. 

“Her right eye was badly damaged by ticks when she arrived, but she is now fully recovered.


“Lala has a toilet under the sink and she walks, eats and sleeps at the gym all the time.”