Animals Video

By Kirstie Sutheran

This excited pooch deserves some ballet PUPS after performing an energetic dance for his family while wearing a tutu.

Dancing dog Dexter had been sunbathing at home in Sheffield, North Yorks, on May 13 when he decided to break out into some impressive moves.

The six-year-old Dollie – a Dalmatian, collie cross – started leaping around in front of owner Alison Smith, apparently chasing a light on the ceiling.

Adamant to catch the ‘shiny’ above him, Dexter sprang into the air gracefully multiple times even managing to fit in a 180-degree spin.

Pet nanny Alison, who owns Very Impawtant Pets, said: “Dexter had been jumping and twirling for a few minutes, when I remembered I had a tutu upstairs.

“I’d recently been to a fancy-dress party as Ace Ventura and thought he’d look lovely twirling with it on.

“He wasn’t fazed and stepped into it with no issue, and then started his twirling again giving us lots of laughs.

“It seems completely insane to think that something Dexter normally does has made so many people laugh and smile just because he has a tutu on. 

“It’s lovely, I’m glad he can bring smiles to other people like he has done us.”