By Michael Scott

A penguin has jumped from the freezing ocean onto a floating slab of ice while playing with friends.

Jonas Beyer, from Greenland, was photographing the group of penguins just outside Port Lockroy, Antarctica Peninsula.

Jonas Beyer/Caters News

He was on a cruise ship when he spotted the adorable moment a penguin jumped out of the water to be with two Gentoo Penguins that were already stood on the piece of ice.

Jonas Beyer/Caters News

Jonas added: “I saw the penguins were playing on the piece of ice, jumping up and down, so I myself as low as I could and waited for the time when they came out of the water, super unpredictable since there is no warning before the shoot through the surface.

Jonas Beyer/Caters News

“I feel lucky to be so close and experience animals in the wild.”