By Hayley Pugh

A Poldark superfan and knitting addict has combined her two passions to create woollen dolls from the hit period drama which are selling all over the world.

Angela Blay runs the global business from her modest home in Elmswell, Suffolk, kitting characters from Demelza to Drake and shipping them out to America, Alaska, Australia and Tasmania to name a few.


The 50-year-old spends up to eight hours on each woolly creation with Demelza’s hair alone taking two hours to perfect and flogs her dolls for around £34 each.

Angela, who has called her business Kwerky Knits, is inundated with requests for Poldark characters but admits she doesn’t have time to take on every order she receives.

However, the music teacher did make time to knit Beatie Edney, who plays Prudie in the BBC One show, her very own Prudie doll.


And the characters have their own Facebook page following their adventures called The Knitdarks.

Angela said: “I love Poldark. The programme inspired me immediately – the scenery, music, costumes, storyline and amazing characters. I’m a mega-fan.

“I have always loved period drama but something about Poldark really clicked.


“The characters are all brilliant. I wanted my own Ross so knitted him. He’s got good defining features which make him recognisable as a doll.

“When I posted him online, people commented on how much they liked him, so I went on to knit him a Demelza.”

Angela also sells patterns for fans to make their very own Poldark dolls.


She added: “I was a terrible knitter as a child. It was only when my sister in law showed me how to knit properly that I began in earnest.

“I’ve had lots of request but I’m not able to knit them all as I don’t have time.

“I mainly enjoy designing new characters and posting pictures of my dolls in their adventures.


“I’ve got quite a lot of followers from abroad.”

Poldark series four is set to air this summer and it is thought series five, which has been commissioned for 2019, will be the last.