Animals Video

By Jacob King

A cocksure chicken couple strutted into a house ‘as if they were about to buy the place’ and were chased around by their owner for 30 minutes before admitting defeat and strolling out.

The two young brown leghorns were filmed by Nigel Ward as they meandered through his backdoor and into the living room at his home in Wareham, Dorset.

In the hilarious video, the cockerel happily hops up a step and into the hallway calling out to his lady friend to follow his lead.


The two birds strut into the living room before gas engineer Nigel tries to shoo them out to no avail.

But the loved-up duo ignore Nigel’s attempts to turf them out, instead flying up onto the sofa and making a racket.

The video ends with Nigel worrying they will attempt to fly up the chimney.

After successfully separating the adventurous couple, he was forced to spend half an hour chasing the hen around the house before successfully ejecting her.

Nigel, 65, said: “One person who saw the video said it looks like they were walking in to buy the house. I think that sums it up well.

“I couldn’t believe how confidently the cockerel just strolled in.

“You can hear him calling for the hen to follow him and in she strolls too.

“The cockerel came in once before to drink from the dog’s water bowl, but this time they went straight for the lounge.

“When they walked in there I realised it was time to get them out again, but they would not leave.

“I told them to go and tried to back them out of the room, but they just started making lots of noise and flapping everywhere.


“Eventually I managed to split them up and get the cockerel outside, but the hen escaped into the kitchen.

“I chased her through there into the bedroom, and back into the kitchen before she eventually went outside. It took a long time.

“I’m just thankful my wife didn’t find out at the time because she wouldn’t have been happy.”

Nigel and his wife Karen, 66, keep around 60 cockerels and 200 hens in the grounds of their home.

Until now only one female, Edna, was allow into the house.

Nigel said: “Edna would come in through the kitchen window and I would feed her bits of toast while she sat on my shoulder.

“Apart from her, none of the others have ever been in the house and they aren’t supposed to be in there.

“That’s why I was so keen to get these two out.

“We hatched them less than 12 months ago and already they’re trying to come in.”