Life Video

By Charlotte Regen 

A WOMAN left deaf by a huge chunk of earwax has finally got it removed in stomach churning footage. 

The clip shows Neel Raithatha, who runs a clinic in Leicestershire, extracting the earwax – which had left the patient with a fungal infection. 

Neel – who goes by the name the Wax Whisperer – said it had even left the woman unable to wear her hearing aid as it “caused it to whistle and squeal”. 

He said: “It would be impossible to self-remove.

“The client in this case wore a hearing aid which can cause earwax build as it can prevent the natural migration of earwax out of the ear canal. 

“Regularly use of ear wax drops and avoiding using cotton buds can sometimes help prevent a build up of earwax.

“The patient had a fungal infection, otomycosis, which developed on the dead earwax and skin and also otitis externa of the ear canal and eardrum.

“Otomycosis usually occurs in hotter climates and is more common in people who swim regularly and have diabetes. 

“There was some offensive odour from the ear. 

“It took around 10 minutes because I had to be very delicate when peeling of the dead infected skin off the ear canal and eardrum. It usually takes half the time. 

“It was very rewarding in that I was able to help the client as she was very depressed that she couldn’t hear previously.

“It left them completely deafened and the client was also unable to wear her hearing aid as the earwax build-up and infection was causes it to whistle and squeal 

“They were extremely relieved but still had to visit their GP for treatment of the infection during which time I advised them not to wear their hearing aid.”