Animals Video

By Kirstie Sutheran

A five-year-old was left stunned by a snake slithering across his path when surfing down a sand dune causing him to fall off.

Little Billy Symons was playing on Sunrise Beach in Queensland, Australia, on May 15 when he climbed to the top of a dune.

Standing on his board, he starts his descent as mum Jodie watches on, only for an unidentified black and yellow metre-long snake to slither across his route.

As the snake recoils backwards to protect itself, Billy slams on the brakes and goes flying off as he reaches the bottom of the dune.

Dad Derek said: “Fortunately, Billy wasn’t hurt at all.

“Jodie didn’t realise the snake was there until after Billy jumped off the board at the bottom of the hill. 

“The snake was actually right at their feet, and just slithered on its way. 

“After the shock settled, we were very grateful that he was okay.

“Billy’s first comment after was that he wished Bear Grylls was there.

“He was pretty quiet after that for a while but the next day, he was boasting to all his friends about how he was a ‘snake surfer’.”