Offbeat Video

By Ben Walley

THIS skydiver sure knows how to take the plunge – jumping from the world’s tallest waterfall in stomach churning footage. 

Carlos Briceno made the “awe-Inspiring trip” to Salto Ángel waterfall in Venezuela, where he was filmed making the leap. 

The professional skydiver, who lives in Deland, Florida, has been skydiving for 19 years and has carried out more than 9,000 skydives and 800 base jumps. 

Pic by Carlos Briceno/Caters NewS

Carlos, 44, said: “Ever since I was a child I have always dreamt about flying.

“There is no better feeling than flying your body like a bird. When you do it, you are 100 per cent present, there are no other thoughts in your mind. 

“The waterfalls is called Angel Falls and it is the tallest in the world. It is located in Canaima National Park in Venezuela, where I was born. 

“I organised this expedition to take some Spanish friends that their dream was jumping off Angel Falls. 

“Two of them were skydiving pioneers in Spain, so it was very special for them. 

Pic by Carlos Briceno/Caters News

“The hike to reach the edge of the falls was very physical demanding, long days of hikes about eight to 10 hours for six days.

“But when you get to the edge and you look down, all the pain and the suffering is worth it. 

“The jump is very safe because it is super high and overhang, so you get a lot of separation from the wall.

“The tricky part is the landing, because the spot where you only can land it is very small and the wind there is not the best, you got gust that sometimes they drag you back or just don’t let you land where you wanted. 

“So, you have to be ready to land on a tree sometimes, and hope that you don’t get hurt.

“It is my favourite place in the world.”