Nature Video

By Jack Williams

This pair of cyclists needn’t worry about their lights being out, as their pathway was suddenly illuminated by a vibrant AURORA.

Chase Teron and Jenni Lisacek are frequent travellers, but neither had experienced anything like the Northern Lights that danced above them on a frigid night earlier this year – let alone doing so while riding a bike.


The pair snapped a stunning set of images from their journey around the surrounding areas of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada, with the silhouetted outlines of their fat bikes making the couple look tiny in comparison to the light show and world above.

Chase, 28, and Jenni, 24, captured the shots while taking a five-day expedition through the wilderness between February 13 and February 18.

Chase, who joked that the light show soon made him forget about the -35C temperatures, said: “I had never seen any image like this one before. 

“Biking in the middle of winter is not a common activity, and when you add in biking under the auroras. 

“Everything about the compositions were unique and made up on the spot. 

“We wanted to give people the feeling that we had when we are there so having us as our own subjects creates a great memory for us while putting the viewer of my image in our shoes. 

“Not everyone gets to do what we do, and my goal is to inspire them to seek unique experiences and to travel where others are not.”


Shooting the Northern Lights, Chase said, is a fascinating prospect, as an image can look entirely different if the shot is taken just a second before or after.

After snapping the once-in-a-lifetime images, Chase and Jenni continued their journey, which involved camping under the Northern Lights in a series of huts and an igloo.

The pair run a number of adventure photography workshops all over the world, and the aurora images, they said, have been some of their most popular.

Chase added: “It’s like watching an artist paint a masterpiece, getting to witness it once and then it disappears forever. 

“The energy you receive from the auroras is so powerful. 


“You’re hypnotized in the sense of losing control of how your body and mind reacts – not blinking, constant smiling, and outbursts of laughter with disbelief.”

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