By Mollie Mansfield

A mother has spent over £7,000 a year pampering her dog with puppy manicures and custom made outfits.

Anna Foster, 48, has spent the past year splashing out on her Boxer dog, Lexie Boo.


The stay-at-home ‘dog mum’, who has two dogs and a daughter, supplies the 20-month-old white boxer with weekly manicures and a different daily outfit.

And despite Lexie having over 1000 different outfits to choose from, including pyjamas and bikinis, Anna insists she will still carry on spoiling her pooch.

Even her husband, James, 48, can’t resist but spoil their pet pooch and regularly takes his ‘little girl’ on shopping sprees too.


Anna, from Nebraska, United States, said: “Lexie absolutely loves getting spoilt and she knows that she’s treat like a princess – she wouldn’t expect any less!

“She has a weekly manicure and always changes her outfits, we make sure that her wardrobe is kept up-to-date.

“She’s got a better beauty and fashion regime than I do, but it’s worth it for all of the attention she gets.

“Lexie loves the attention, but sometimes we do get people who don’t agree with what we do, but they don’t understand the love she receives.

“We spend a lot of money on her because we want to, and we know it makes her happy, so that’s all that matters!”


Alongside having over 1000 outfits for Lexie, Anna also claims that she has eight different beds fit for a princess, but isn’t planning on stopping.

However, Anna says that this is not the first time she has pampered a pooch to such an extent.

She said: “We lost our beloved old dogs, Rocky and Adrian, who were our first boxers and loved being pampered.

“They are were our other dog, RJ’s, parents, so we made so they were a massive part of the family.


“Adrian especially used to be pampered just as much as Lexie is now, and loved wearing clothes and getting in the pool in bikinis.

“After the dogs died, we decided to get Lexie to fill the void and I knew that I had to pamper her just as much.

“She always has clothes on so she is never naked, and we’ve noticed that dresses and overly frilly clothes are her favourite.


“We’ve checked with vets that the nail varnish we use is non-toxic, and we get her clothes handmade by a designer so they’re suitable for her.

“She’s the Princess of the house and she will always be treated that way!”