Offbeat Video

By Ellie Duncombe

 A hilarious group of friends caused a ruckus at a trampoline park – by dressing in inflatable T-Rex costumes.

The 10 adrenaline junkies decided to take to an indoor trampoline park and show off their skills whilst dressed in enormous costumes.

The dinosaur gang were practically blindfolded, due to their costumes having no eye-holes, and can be seen crushing into each other throughout their fun.

And despite their costumes looking hilarious, the team admit that they were definitely not practical and almost all of the suits were ripped by the end of it.

 This footage was captured at a trampoline park in California, United States.

 Erik Jones, one of the T-rex’s and the ‘Fun Coordinator’, said: “We took over the trampoline park at the end of the day and were bouncing around for a couple of hours.

“But despite us having a lot of fun, it was very hard and almost all of the suits got torn and need repairing – they weren’t made for a trampoline park!

“I found it very fun, but exhausting, and it was very sweaty inside of the suits.

“It was very difficult to see and hard to jump around because you couldn’t tell what your suit was going to do.

“But it was great, everyone laughed a lot despite crashing hard because they couldn’t see. 

“It was especially hard to do flips, because the suit doesn’t rotate with your body properly!”