Offbeat Video

By Kirstie Sutheran

This is the incredible moment that millions of monarch butterflies as they migrate.

The footage shows swathes of butterflies as they flit around the Mexican hills.

Captured in February in the at El Rosario Monarch Reserve, Central Mexico, the butterflies are getting ready to migrate north.

The footage was taken by Barb Hacking as she travelled with her daughter.

The Canadian teacher said:“On this day we were treated to a spectacular performance by millions of Monarchs. Maybe billions! How does one count so many Monarchs? 

“As we arrived at this meadow after climbing up the mountain we couldn’t believe our eyes. 

“What was on stage for this matinee performance took our breath away. This was nature at its very best. If it is cool, the Monarchs spend their time huddled together on.

“The branches and trunks of the Oyamel fir trees. When the sun shines and it is warm enough, the Monarchs warm themselves as they take flight never colliding with one another.

“It is truly an awesome experience and with the help of videos like this one doesn’t even have to climb a mountain in Mexico to see them. 

“Two days later, when we returned to El Rosario the Monarchs had moved to a forested area and were nestled in the trees. 

“A totally different phenomenon which all depends on the weather. When the sun peeks out from behind the clouds you can see bursts of Monarchs coming off the trees like explosions. 

“We have already made plans to return next February. Every trip to the top of the Magical Monarch Mountains is a totally new experience. 

“February is a great time to go as the sun is stronger, the temperatures are warmer and the Monarchs are actively interacting with their environment.

“I travelled with my daughter who had been around Monarchs all of her life as I was a primary teacher and raised them in my classroom each year. Often our kitchen table was filled with Monarch caterpillars waiting to go to school”