Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen 

A Golden Retriever has been caught relaxing on a pink lilo in an adorable video clip. 

Chilling by the pool, it’s clear to see that pedigree, Andy, who is just two years old, is enjoying his life in the sunshine. 

Owner DeDe Merris, was at her best friend’s house when she decided to film the hilarious moment last July. 


The video shows Andy lying flat on a pink lilo in the basking heat of Humboldt, Iowa, US. 

DeDe said: “This was his first time on the float, he followed me around on the deck as I was floating in the pool acting like he wanted to get on my float with me. 

“My friend has a rule, no dogs in the pool, so this seemed liked a great way to compromise.   


“I was not a bit surprised Andy got on the lilo and stayed on, for only being two, he is a pretty chilled puppy. 

“He loves water. He often tries to get in the bathtub once he hears the water running. 

“He stayed on for over 20 minutes and continued to get on a float throughout  the summer.”