By Lauren Fruen

THIS creepy abandoned dentist’s office is really something for horror fans to get their teeth into.

Freaktography/Caters News

Photographer Freaktography captured the spooky space where tools, molds and even a jar of teeth were left behind.

The creepy images were taken in the abandoned space in Ontario, Canada, after the dentist fell out with his landlord and was locked out of the office.


The pictures show the dentist’s chair and equipment left exactly as it would have been when it was a functioning surgery.

Photographer Freaktography said: “There was so much stuff left behind, such as dental tools, molds and a jar of teeth.


“It is one of the most interesting and bizarre abandoned locations that I have ever explored.

“I would have never imagined that a dentist’s office being closed and left abandoned would contain so much stuff.

Freaktography/Caters News

“There were boxes upon boxes of these cast molds, everywhere. All of the dental tools, chairs, x-ray equipment were left behind. It was a truly weird experience.

“I don’t know if it’s just me and my childhood hatred of going to my mean old dentist, or it it’s jut a universal thing to not like the dentist but I found this location to be high on the creepy factor.”