By Hannah McFadyen

This little balloon might very well be the oldest one in existence.

The 27-year-old piece of plastic has stood the test of time and remains as inflated now as it was on the day it was bought.

Peter Goddard / Caters News 

It was bought as a gift for Jordan Lynam on the day of his birth and reads ‘It’s a boy’.

Miraculously, the balloon has survived 27 years and being packed and unpacked throughout three house moves.

Jordan, a club entertainer from Castle Vale, Birmingham, says that how that the balloon hasn’t popped yet is a bit of a mystery.

Despite this, he says he’ll have to take extra-special care of it from now on due to its rarity.

Jordan said:“I’ve had it 27 years, 27 and half to be exact – it was a gift from my aunt.

Peter Goddard / Caters News 

“It’s been through three house moves – being squashed, dropped and pressed up against cabinets.

“I don’t know how it’s survived all these years: that’s the mystery behind it, that’s the magic.

“It’s still full to the brim with air – and full of magic!

“I haven’t been able to find anyone out there with an older balloon – I think it may very well be a world record.

Peter Goddard / Caters News

“It came along with another balloon and even though that one’s mostly deflated now, it probably lasted for about 18 years.

“The other ones naturally lost its air over time; it’s still got a touch of air in it.

“Up until now, we’ hadn’t taken special care of it – it coincidence that it’s somehow kept alive

“I think I’ll have to take better care of it now though as it’s so rare and it is quite precious to me.”