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By Ellie Duncombe

A lucky hedgehog was rescued from a prickly situation after being dug up from underneath some patio steps.

Having fallen down a tiny hole in a garden in Guildford, Surrey, on May 3, the spiky rodent had become frightened and tried to tunnel away from the building’s foundations.

WAF/Caters News

Unable to reverse because of its spikes, the hedgehog became stuck, meaning Simon Cowell from the Wildlife Aid Foundation had to be called.

Surprised by the situation, it took more than an hour of lifting up patio slabs and digging away at mud with his hands, Simon was able to pull the muddy animal out with special extractors.

Fortunately, the rescued hedgehog hadn’t suffered any injuries and was immediately released back into the wild.

WAF/Caters News

Simon said: “It was really lucky the homeowner spotted the hedgehog.

“I hate to think what would have happened if she hadn’t.

“We do see a number of similar cases each year. 

“Usually the unlucky hedgehog has fallen down an uncovered drain or large pothole, but it isn’t too common to have to dismantle a patio to free it.

WAF/Caters News

“Sometimes, rescue calls are a lot harder than we first expected them to be. 

“Little did we know how stuck he was.

“I had to chisel his way through the paving above to release the hedgehog from his muddy prison.”