By Kristiana Hall

These stunningly colourful photographs show workers picking chillies on a vibrant farm.

Abdul Momin, 27, photographed workers who were picking chillies in their local chilli farm in Bogra, Bangladesh.

Abdul Momin / Caters News

On the farms, which are a piercing red, workers gather chillis from across the landscape – giving the illusion they are working on a red carpet.

Chemistry graduate Abdul has been taking pictures for three years and became a professional after winning first place in a mobile phone photography contest.

Abdul Momin / Caters News

The 27-year-old said: “It feels amazing to capture chilli photos because red chilies are so vibrant in colour and it turns the ground like a red carpet.

“Green chilies are cultivated and grown in various fertile sandy lands which are like small islands in Jamuna river bed.

Abdul Momin / Caters News

“Every year a flood makes the lands fertile enough to grow huge amount of chillies and after one month of sowing seed chili plants get flowers and it takes another month to grow chillies bigger.

“After taking red chilies to processing farm workers spread them on floor and let them dry in sunlight – which is what these photos are showing.”

Abdul Momin / Caters News