By Mikey Jones

A photographer captured the incredible moment two crocodiles fought one another to the DEATH.

Peter Geraerdts, 49, was visiting South Luangwa National Park, Zambia, Africa, when he spotted the two reptiles fighting.

PIC BY Peter Geraerdts / CATERS NEWS

However upon further inspection, the photographer noticed that one of the beasts had clearly won the war as it was carrying the other one’s dead body in its jaw.

And despite clearly having defeated its opponent, the winner then proceeded to EAT the dead animal.

Peter said: “It was a very unique sighting to see a big crocodile tearing a smaller crocodile apart.

PIC BY Peter Geraerdts / CATERS NEWS “Other crocodiles came in as well and were joining the crocodile meat feast – eating smaller pieces and scattering them around.

Crocodiles will eating anything, even their own kind, that’s why the smaller crocodiles always give way for the bigger crocodiles.”