Offbeat Video

By Curtis Mitchell

A motorist was forced to showcase split second reactions as he swerved into oncoming traffic to avoid a horror smash. 

The 26-year-old was driving in Atlanta, Georgia, last month when he was caught in the dangerous close call after a distracted driver veered in front of him. 

The man, who wished only to be known by his first name, Carter, said the other motorist didn’t even realise the terrifying near miss he caused by pulling into his lane.

Online commenters were quick to praise Carter’s lightning-fast reactions and perfect handling of his vehicle. 

Carter, who has been driving 10 years, said: “I’m still not sure whether I made the right choice crossing the median.

“I remember seeing no cars on that side of the road, but I definitely didn’t have time to check for oncoming traffic.

“If you freeze on the right frames, you can see the driver looking in the complete opposite direction.

“After I recovered from the swerve I checked my rear view mirrors and didn’t see the other car.

“At the time I wasn’t even sure what happened as it all happened so suddenly, so I didn’t even think to circle back around and find the guy.

“He probably went about his day without realising what he had done.

“Afterwards, I was mostly thinking ‘what the hell just happened?’

“I was pretty surprised at myself for going all the way into oncoming lanes of traffic.”