Offbeat Video

By Jack Williams

This daring pair of BASE jumpers decided to add a hint of RODEO to their routine, flinging themselves thousands of feet off a cliff edge while one rode on the other’s back.

In the heart-stopping footage, daredevils Alexei and Julian can be seen gliding through the sky over Monte Brento, Italy, on May 1, 2018.

Videographers David Laffargue and Leonid Plotnikov were initially shocked by the suggestion that the duo would make the 1,200-meter jump in this way.

Pic by David Laffarague / Caters

David, 29, from France, said: “We were gearing up on the exit point, getting ready for a normal jump. 

“Then, Julian said, as a joke, ‘I should do a rodeo with Alexei.’

“We laughed, but somehow it became a real idea.

“Alexei is an expert wingsuit pilot who has done many rodeo jumps from the airplane, and Julian isn’t the tallest basejumper around, so we figured it could work out.”

“Next thing I know, we were jumping from the cliff, Julian on Alexei’s back, and Leonid and I flying next to them and filming the action.”

Pic by David Laffarague / Caters

The visuals David and the two jumpers, who did not provide their surnames, were able to capture were incredible.

Monte Brento, David said, was perhaps the safest place to make this kind of jump, and in case of an emergency, the entire team had a Plan B strategy in place.

He added: “It felt amazing. The visuals were incredible. 

“Flying next to a guy riding on top of a wingsuit next to a cliff isn’t the kind of memory you forget.”