Animals Video

By Jasmine Kazlauskas 

A wildlife rescuer has filmed the gut-wrenching last moments he spent trying to save the life of a trapped pregnant wallaby – staying by her side until her heart stopped beating. 

Aussie wildlife rescuer and snake catcher Tony Morrison spotted the distraught trapped wallaby after he ventured out into the backyard of his home in Brisbane, Australia, early last week [APRIL 30].


A panicked Tony, who often films his rescues, desperately tried to free the weakened wallaby after the creature became trapped in the tight space between the ridged walls of his shed and the fence. 

As he urgently attempted to save the animal, Tony was horrified to discover the wallaby’s unborn joey had fallen out of her pouch onto the ground and died. 

After the animal lover finally freed the marsupial, he placed her on the grass in hopes that she would be able to recover from the trauma. 

However, despite freeing the animal and trying his best to save her life, an emotional Tony stayed with the dying wallaby until she took her last breaths. 

The heartbreaking event was captured on Tony’s camera, as the wildlife warrior revealed he often films his rescues – but was devastated when the wallaby died in front of him. 

He said: “I rescue local wildlife, and catch snakes that have ended up in people’s homes  

“I love animals and would do anything to help them in any way that I can. 


“I live in the middle of a town, and of course we never see any wallabies around there. 

“We don’t even have any bushland around, so it’s just so bizarre how it ended up in my backyard. 

“I was doing some work inside the house and glanced over into the yard and something caught my eye. 

“I ran over and immediately realised what it was, and I just felt terrible as who knows how long it had been stuck like that. 

“I tried to pull it out, but it was absolutely stuck right in there. Its waist was completely trapped. 

“The only way to save it would be to lift it out. 

“It was even more difficult as I’ve got a shoulder injury, but I was trying the best that I could. I was determined to save it. 


“Then I saw a little unborn joey that must have fallen out of the mum’s pouch, but sadly it didn’t survive. 

“I really didn’t want the mum to pass away because she had already lost her little baby.

“I thought if the mum pulled through, she could have another baby later. 

“I just thought if I was able to get the wallaby out and calm her down, and let her rest, everything would be okay. 

“But sadly, the shock of it all was just too much for the poor thing. It broke my heart. 

“She would have had some internal injuries too, I think. 

“It was hard to hold myself together. You can see it in the video, you can see how emotional I was. 


“I knew I was losing her. But I didn’t want to let go. 

“I just kept hoping she was going to be alright if I could just calm her down before taking her to the vet. 

“But I could see she was slowing going, and her heart beat. It just became really slow. 

“It finally just stopped altogether. It was incredibly sad. 

“You do everything you can to save the animals, but not all of them can be saved.”