Offbeat Video

By Josh Saunders

A model who spent half a million dollars to look like Kim Kardashian-West nearly ‘burst her butt’ after falling from a camel during a Cardi B inspired photoshoot.

Jennifer Pamplona, 25, nearly ‘exploded’ her famous four-pint derriere and risked damaging vital organs due to having less protection from rib removal surgery.


She was in the deserts of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, trying to replicate scenes from American Rapper Cardi B’s music video ‘Bodak Yellow’ when the camel kicked her off.

After finishing her photoshoot, she was rushed to hospital where it was confirmed the bad bruising and severe pain, had not led to any lasting harm.

The star who was born in Sao Paolo, Brazil, felt she was ‘very lucky’ to have escaped unharmed.

She has spent a whopping $500,000 (370kGBP) transforming her body with everything from breast implants to fat injections to her butt, nose jobs, fillers and more.

Jennifer said: “I was on the shoot for five minutes and after only a couple of pictures I fell from the camel.

“She threw me far away, it was pretty bad, my team had to check if it was ok to continue the shoot.


“The camel hurt my butt, I’m really famous because of my butt and a camel nearly destroyed it. 

“They told me, ‘Oh my freaking god’ and were worried something had happened.

“I was in so much pain because I have had a lot of injections to my butt and any damage can warp them.

“I don’t have several of my ribs either, without them I have less to protect me from any falls or accidents.

“When I was on the way to hospital I worried something really bad could have happened to me.

“I was so worried about having broken ribs or damaged my organs, as I have so few of them to protect me.

“Thankfully after tests there was no damage, it hurt because the fall was from a big height – the camel was a lot bigger than a horse, she was super tall for competitions.

“I am so lucky I fell from that high and nothing bad happened.”


After being chucked from the camel – a mammal that can stand at a staggering 6ft 6 – she battled through her pain and the bad bruising that developed.

She persevered on the photoshoot with Mohammed Alkaabi, for a further hour and a half, not wanting to waste time and money invested into making the shots.  

After being checked out of hospital it took two weeks for her to fully recover. 

Jennifer said: “I managed to do it for another hour and a half, battling through the pain, the camel was big and crazed, she threw me far away.

“My skin changed colour from the bruising, it was a risk as I can’t have any damage to my butt.

“In that moment I was in so much pain, I really had to concentrate to make my face look beautiful and to finish my work.”

Despite the near life-threatening damage, Jennifer says she isn’t annoyed with the camel and bizarrely respects the massive mammal more. 

Jennifer said: “That’s what I consider natural from the animals, she didn’t want me to be on her.


“It was a natural reaction, I completely understood why she did it and my love of camels now is much bigger.

“I was not mad at her at all despite her almost breaking my bones or damaging me, I’m a vegetarian and believe in protecting animals.

“The camel didn’t want me to finish the shoot, she had the reaction, everyone warned me she was very strong.

“The other camels gave me lots of love, they kissed me, it was a really nice experience and I felt loved in the pictures.”

Similar to musician Cardi B, the model posed alongside camels that are shown in professional competitions.

Dressed in a turquoise blue clothing with ornate sparkling decorations down her sleeves, top and shawl – she believes it’s her best photoshoot to date.

Jennifer said: “I wanted to make a photoshoot to look like Cardi B and these are now my favourite pictures.

“I was inspired by her, but I created everything to be my own and it looked great.

“Everybody says it is the most beautiful photoshoot I have ever done, in the pictures I saw so much confidence.

“I saw so much love in the photoshoot, it was my favourite place, very quiet and peaceful.”


Jennifer attributes her fast recovery to her lifestyle as a vegetarian, exercises regularly and abstains from drugs or alcohol.

In the future she is planning to have liposuction and has a music video to be released featuring Soulja Boy.

Jennifer is part of The Plastics of Hollywood team – the first real life barbie and human doll house.

She features alongside other names from Ken dolls Justin Jedlica and Rodrigo Alves to Human Alien Vinny Ohh, Kylie Jenner doppelganger Kyleigh Potts and many more. 

They are managed by Marcela Iglesias, an Argentinian living is Los Angeles, California, and documents their next surgeries to their dreams and aspirations. 

Marcela said: “When I heard a camel threw her off I wondered why she was on a camel with all operations she has had it was very risky, she just had an operation not too long ago.

“I’m glad that nothing major happened but at the same time after that many operations, especially missing ribs, the rib cage is there for better protection.

“She has to be wary, this experience she was lucky in my opinion, the next one could be fatal.


“I hope the music video goes crazy, it looks really nice she put a lot of effort into it, kudos to her for that, she has a lot of will power and determination.

“When something goes on in her mind she goes for it, she’s professional, knows what she wants, and I hope this fall will be a wake-up call for her.

“I think she likes the camera, the attention, making music and you never know where it will go, who are we to judge, I’m happy she’s doing this.”


900cc (four pints) of fat injected into each butt cheek

Four ribs removed

Breast implants x2

Rhinoplasty x2


Cheek fillers

Lips fillers 


Fat injection to thighs

Cheek fillers removed

Face lift