Offbeat Video

By Chris Adams

A drinker stunned revellers in his local boozer when he let his pals use a giant pair of industrial pliers to rip out his TOOTH.

Chris Willoughby, 58, took drastic action after complaining of a wobbly molar and deciding he couldn’t be bothered waiting for a dental appointment.

His friends at The Springfield Hotel in Bradford, West Yorkshire, decided to put him out of his misery by delving into the toolbox and coming up with a solution.

In the wince-inducing clip, Chris’s pal Mick Kirby uses the heavy-duty pliers to grip the tooth the yank it out of his mouth.


Daniel Gledhill, 47, who recorded the clip, said: “It was bonkers. Nobody could quite believe that he actually did it.

“He’s a bit of a comedian Chris – he’s been known to the fall asleep at the bar and have people draw on his face, stuff like that.

“I’d just come into the pub for a pint but apparently Chris had been there for a while and he was moaning about this wobbly tooth.

“Someone said ‘well if it’s that sore, just pull it out’.  We thought he was just over-exaggerating how sore it was.

“Then, all of a sudden, the barman went down to the back room and pulled out this massive pair of pliers.

“It was a bit further back than his front teeth so Mick had to do a bit of wriggling to catch it right and then bang – out it came.”

Security guard Daniel and Chris, an aeroplane cleaner, are both regulars in the pub.


Chris’s pals can be heard joking that the tooth fairy is going to come and give him a tenner now that he’s finally got the tooth out.

Daniel said: “He didn’t seem to be in too much pain at the time and he was all smiles for the camera and chatting away afterwards.

“He actually seemed fine but then I think he’d had quite a few drinks more than me so that probably helped mask the pain.

“Everyone was coming over and asking ‘what the f**k is going on here?’ and asking to see the video.

“A few people were a bit squeamish and couldn’t watch it. Most of the lads thought it was hilarious.

“He was dabbing it with a napkin afterwards and just continued with his drink that nothing had happened. He said it beats waiting for a dentist.”

Chris said: “I was in quite a lot of pain. I was slightly drunk at the time but after the tooth came out most of the pain was gone.

“When I saw Mick grab the pliers I didn’t actually think it would work.

“It was just one of those silly things you do from time to time.”