Video Viral

By Curtis Mitchell

This lucky moped rider had a brush with death as a jeep driving on the wrong side of the road swerves out of the way from a head on collision.

As Prakash Alexander and his family drove through Kerala, India, on May 6 a moped in front of them appeared to be driving perfectly normally.

Suddenly, the bike rider comes to an abrupt stop and kicks his left leg out to push his vehicle slightly to the right.

At the same time, a car hurtled towards him on the wrong side of the road and just manages to change its course before hitting the cyclist.

Flying past both the bike and Prakash’s car, the jeep even lifts off on to two wheels as it carries on.

Prakash said: “Me and my family were really panicked.

“The moped rider was really lucky not to be hit.

“My mum is still shaken up by it all.

“The jeep ended up crashing afterwards and I think the driver was badly hurt.”