By Mike Jones

These brave models show no fear as they pose with bears, tigers and wolves, in scenes straight from the pages of a fairy tale.

The enchanting snaps show the female models cuddling up to the deadly animals and even taking naps with the often-unpredictable creatures.

PIC BY Olga Barantseva / CATERS NEWS

In true storybook style the images were taken deep in a forest just outside Moscow and were shot by photographer, Olga Barantseva.

The bear, Stepan, is a 50-stone grizzly bear was adopted by a Russian couple when he was just three months old.

He is so tame that he watches television with his adoptive parents and often poses for Olga during photoshoots.

PIC BY Olga Barantseva / CATERS NEWS

Olga said: “I’ve always had this idea of photographing people together with the animals and a couple years ago I saw a TV show about Stepan.

“I contacted his owners Svetlana and Yuriy Panteleenko who adopted the bear when he was just three months old and did my first photoshoot with him.

“This time I decided that shooting with other animals might be interesting, so I started searching for other animals online to picture such as wolves and foxes.

“I am trying to shoot scenes from popular Russian fairy tales as most of them have animals as their main characters.”

PIC BY Olga Barantseva / CATERS NEWS