Offbeat Video

By Jack Williams

These three women decided to celebrate the freedom of divorce in a rather unique way – by completing a mud run while wearing their WEDDING DRESSES.

Pic by Dave Biggs / Caters

Caped in mud, Tracey Thomas; her daughter, Lottie; and a family friend, Kelly Koulli, clambered their way through the obstacle course of hill climbs, river crossings, bogs, water slides and even river head-dunks.

Pic by Dave Biggs / Caters

The idea came to Tracey, who said she is currently going through a divorce after a 20-year relationship, while she and Kelly sat at her youngest daughter’s prom dress fitting.

Wearing their wedding dresses for the mud run would “put any demons to rest,” Tracey said, as Kelly has been through a divorce, too – though she is on good terms with her ex.

Around 500 runners took part in the April 28th race, in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, UK, and when Tracey, 45, Lottie, 19, and Kelly, 31, were announced before the race, a big cheer went up for their “Divorce Party” cause.

For the 10km race itself, Lottie wore her mother’s wedding dress, while Tracey wore a bridesmaid’s dress; Kelly wore her own wedding dress, too.

Pic by Dave Biggs / Caters

Tracey said: “When people found out why we were doing it, they congratulated us, hugged us, and some even apologised.

“There was a lot of emotion from everyone, especially when we finished. 

“I didn’t realise how much positive support we would get.

“We are all unanimous on our favourite part, which was the mud pit – we let ourselves go, threw mud at each other, and I haven’t laughed as much in so long.

Pic by Dave Biggs / Caters

“Message to everyone: Never let anyone tell you you can’t do something.

“I look forward to my next challenge, whatever it may be.

Pic by Dave Biggs / Caters

“But I want people who read this men or women to realise that nothing is impossible.”