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By Jasmine Kazlauskas

A horrified dog owner snapped her pooch’s guilty face after the pup left a ‘poopy present’ perfectly presented on a couch cushion. 

Dog lovers Alexa Minoe, 24, and her boyfriend Joe Flattery, 25, had been working hard to toilet train their adorable four-month-old puppy Maylee – but the Plott Hound mix has not quite got the hang of it yet.


Alexa – who is also a devoted owner to five-year-old Lulu – was enjoying some quality catch-up time with her mum Annmarie, who was visiting the couple at their home in Browntown, New Jersey, USA.

Their mother-daughter time was going smoothly until Alexa’s mum noticed mischievous Maylee had managed to push a decorative pillow off the couch onto the floor – and began hovering over it.

Before anyone could stop her, the naughty pup was proudly pooping right in the middle of the cushion.

After completing her business, remorseful Maylee quickly ran behind the couch to hide from her owners – but couldn’t help poking her guilty face around the corner to have a sneak peek at the aftermath of what she had done.


The sidesplitting picture, which was taken last Friday [MAY 4], has since set the internet into hysterics and racked up more than 5,000 likes on Facebook, with people from around the world laughing at Maylee’s guilty expression.

Alexa, a waitress, said: “We’ve always been huge dog lovers and would have 100 dogs if we could.

“We had been wanting to get a friend for our other rescue dog Lulu, and we always say, ‘adopt don’t shop’, so we checked out our local animal shelter.

“We saw Maylee and fell in love straight away. She is an absolute love bug. She always wants to cuddle and kiss everyone and just adores people.

“She is still only a puppy, so Joe and I have been working to toilet train her, which isn’t always a walk in the park, but it’s got to be done and she is getting better.

“One day I had my mum over visiting, and we were just hanging out in the living room and catching up.

“All of a sudden my mum yells ‘is she pooping on the pillow?!’ and starts bursting out laughing.


“I turn around and that’s exactly what she was doing. She somehow knocked the pillow off the couch and proceeded to do her business on the decorative pillow.

“I wanted to be angry, but I couldn’t stop laughing. I had never seen a dog do anything like that before.

“I was also extremely impressed at the placement of the poop. It was right in the centre of the pillow.

“It was like she wanted to give me a present. I didn’t know whether to be angry or flattered at the gesture.

“Straight away she knew she did something wrong. She was acting extremely guilty.

“She popped her little head out from around the corner, thinking we couldn’t see her, and her face was just plastered with so much guilt.

“It was hilarious. She knew she messed up. She even put herself in her little travel cage right after the photo was taken.”

After rescuing Maylee from an animal shelter two months ago, Alexa revealed that this was the first time the cheeky mutt had ever left a ‘poopy present’ in the house.

But despite the pooch making a smelly mess on the couple’s favourite couch cushion – which they have since thrown out – Alexa admitted she could never stay mad at her dog’s adorable face.

She said: “Maylee is a very animated dog and very human-like with her emotions. She smiles when she is happy and when she is being naughty, you can tell in her face that she knows.

“But she will always come up and kiss your face to make sure you’re not mad at her.

“We had to throw the pillow out, and now our couch just has one lonely red decorative cushion that we’re keeping a close eye on.

“I’m hoping she doesn’t do it again but she’s only four months old so who knows.

“Quite frankly, I don’t believe she learned her lesson. I think somewhere inside she thought she was doing a nice thing or trying to impress me.

“But it’s all a part of having a puppy and I will always love her no matter what.”